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From rough cutting 8'' Titanium plate to intricate tile inlays, our waterjets allow us to provide a wide range of services. Absolute Dimensions is currently certified by Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft for waterjet cutting. Our experience is well known in the industry. When the waterjet pump manufacturer, KMT Waterjet Systems, has new products they send them to us for beta testing. This allows us to remain on the cutting edge of this ever changing technology.



Calypso Hammerhead Single Head Waterjet with 60 hp pump

5 foot x 10 foot x 6in




 Calypso Hammerhead Dual Head Waterjet with 100 hp pump

12 foot x 20 foot x 10in





Calypso Hammerhead Dual Head Waterjet with drill for composite piercing & 100 hp pump

8 foot x 12 foot x 6in





 Absolute Dimensions does more then just aircraft work.  One area that we specialize in is cutting flooring.  We have cut everything from ceramic tile, VCT linoleum, and carpet.  We have worked with sign companies to cut their metal and lexan.


This school logo is made out of carpet.